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When it comes to having a sweet treat of a dessert, nothing is better than a Sno cone or Sundae from Chill Out Sno Cones. With more than 40 custom sno cone flavors and great toppings for our sno-cones and soft serve ice cream sundaes , you can satisfy your sweet tooth, brighten up a day at the office, or make a party that much more enjoyable.

The Art of Sno Cones

Snow Cones are a Maryland tradition.  Back in the early 1900s ice merchants used to shave ice for the children of Baltimore during the sticky-hot summers of Maryland.  Most of these kids would simply throw snowballs at each other to keep cool, some of the children would bring these "snowballs" home to their mothers who would add flavors as a sweet treat; the Maryland Snowball was born.  Today leave the work to us!  We offer more than 40 fun flavors for you and your family to enjoy!


We are much more than Sno Cones. At Chill Out Sno Cones, we offer up a variety of other tasty treats, mixed fresh daily. From ice cream cones and sundaes to custom flavored milk shakes, you are welcome to indulge in any kind of sweet treat you please.


Custom Flavors & Topped Sno Cones

More than Sno Cones