A Sno ConeTale

After years of working for other people, the husband and wife team of Anthony and Karen decided to go into business for themselves. Not wanting to be tied down to any one location they figured something mobile would be the best option for them, so after considering their options they decided to sell Sno Cones, a Maryland tradition!

It's All about the Ice

All of our ingredients are sourced locally, from our ice, to our fantastic flavors, even our awesome toppings and ice cream are all found locally here in Maryland.

We take a lot of pride in what we do, and our customers can tell. There is something really spectacular about connecting with people, especially with our tasty delights.

“A friend told me I had to try Chill Out Sno Cones because it was fabulous. They were right! I didn't want to leave, everything looked so good. My husband and I are now avid Sno Cone supporters.” —Kristin F

"Thanks to you, Chill Out for coming out today. Everyone that came really enjoyed the sno cones!!" -Tara L.

"Taste so good I had to have two! The second with marshmallow fluff!"-Marilyn W.

"The best Sno Cone I have ever had. The staff is really friendly" -Benita C

Sweet Words from our Cool Customers